Department of Information Management and Finance, NCTU

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Teaching/Research Development

Aspersonal computers have become universally accessible, information technology has been widely applied to different fields, where a number of information decision supportivesystems have been developed.The finance field is no exception. After the 2001’s, proceeding along with the trends of “liberalization” and “internationalization”, the government has carried out a reform with respect to the financial market and financial institutions.As the pace of financial liberalization accelerates, the launch of new financial products becomes ever more important. In other words, financial engineering becomes the primary trend in terms of future development of the financial market and financial institutions. Accordingly, the information technology platform structuring and analyzing ability is in greatdemandand is required formany derivative financial instruments to continue to be developed and for achievement of maximum benefits. Furthermore, as more and more financial products emerge on the market, the important challenge concerning the development of the finance industry today is how to allocate assets in a way that enhances risk control whileincreasing investment returns either for management of business funds orpersonal wealth planning.

Today, there is a considerably shortage of skilled workers capable of applying information technology in the finance industry, the reason being universities in general draw a very fine line between degreesin their degree classification, and that most universities do not have relevant resources to establish degrees that encompass different fields.The establishment of the Information Finance degree by NCTU is mainly due to the outstanding performance of NCTU in the information field, where in 2007 World University Rankings as announced by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, NCTU is ranked number one in Taiwan in the field of engineering. The purpose for establishing the degree, accordingly, is to make refinement of the finance field by utilizing the information strength of NCTU, so to educate and bring up a new generation of financial professionals.

Finance related degrees in general focus largely on theory and analytical calculation abilities, but lack of core curriculum on information aspects, and hence students are not able to apply information technology effectively to their financial profession. Information related degrees, on the other hand, pay much of the attention on information technology exploration, but lack of curriculum on finance aspects, and consequently students do not have adequate finance theory and knowledge to enable themapply information technology in financial problems solving. As a result of the above, the domestic banking, securities, investment, financial holding, insurance, and other related industries have no choice but to provide information related training to their finance personnel or financial related training to their information personnel in order to satisfy their business needs. To address this issue, the Information Finance degree attempts to satisfy the demand of practical education and information-supported finance research with new knowledge and ideas that are rendered as a result of integration of financial management,financial information education andincorporation ofresources from various types of information.
Students under the degree not only benefit from basic finance knowledge training, but also the outstanding education and research performance of NCTU in the area of information technology, which means they are able to raise their skills in applying information technology in finance and other related fields. In addition to, the information financial investment decision curriculum is also designed in a way that helps studentsbuilds up their practical experience. Overall, the degree has been established with the aim to serve as the pioneer in the area of information finance in the nation.