Department of Information Management and Finance, NCTU

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Purpose and Prospect

I. Education Goal
(1) Professionalism – cultivating future leaders in information management and finance in both professional and research areas.
(2) Communication – developing teamwork and effective communication skills.
(3) Humanities – developing social relationship, entrepreneurial ethics and global perspective. 

II. Basic Literacy
(1) Professionalism in information management and finance
(2) Business ethics
(3) Teamwork and citizenship

III. Core Competency
(1) The ability to apply quantitative techniques and information technology literacy to management.
(2) The ability to develope analytical technique, solve problem, and make decision to information and finance related issues.
(3) Developing effective communication and teamwork skills.
(4) Understanding business ethics, social responsibility and global perspective.
(5) (Information Management) Understaing the impact of effective intergration of information technology and knowledge of Management on enterprises, society and global environment, and developing continuous-learning habitual behavior and ability.
(6) (Finance) Professional knowledge in financial management, investment, risk manatement, derivatives or other financial market related fields

    Intention of IMF is to integrate teaching resources and research contribution of four independent institutes to cultivate exceptional bachelor talents, and assist students entering institutes or going for a job.