Department of Information Management and Finance, NCTU

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1. Quality lecturers: Include all lecturers of both master’s and doctoral degree classes in both Information Management and Finance of the College of Management. Highly skilled lecturers are responsible for conducting core basic management curriculum so to provide students with solid foundation.
2. Direct admission to master’s and doctoral degrees: On their fourth year at the University, students may take exams for Graduate School admission, for master’s or doctoral degrees.(Under the NCTU regulations, the minimum time students are able to complete their master’s degree is 5 years and 7 years for doctoral degree).
3. Exchange student program with well-known overseas universities: NCTUhas student exchange program that it works with well-known overseas universities.Scholarships are available for apply for overseas study.
4. Basic knowledge build-up: Solid compulsory curriculum and training for information technology, management, mathematics, and English.
5. Career advantage: Enhanced career opportunities, advantages and flexibility as students have academic background of both information technology and finance.