Department of Information Management and Finance, NCTU

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National Chiao Tung University (NCTU, hereafter) is the pioneer in information technology theory and application in the nation, which has successfully educated and brought up a large number of talented students. Recognizing the importance of information management, NCTU established the Graduate Schoolwithin the College of Management in 1987.The “Master’s Degree in Information Management” was firstly offered in 1989, followed by the “Doctoral Degree in Information Management” in 1994, becomingthe first doctoral degree in information management offered in the nation. To help businesses raise skilled workers, NCTUlaunched specializedprograms that are designed for study by working professionals in 1999.The Graduate Schoolof Information Management has been devoted into educating and bringing up students with skills in both information and management as its goal. Students graduated from the Schoolwill not only have acquired information technology skills along with professional management discipline, but more importantly, they are able to apply the information management skills on information technology so to assist businesses in improving their operating performance and resource utilization,identifying strengths and opportunities, and in comprehensive strategic planning.
The class of Master’s Degree in Finance was initially offered by the Graduate School of Finance in 2002 and operatesindependently in the College of Management. In response to market demand, specialized programs that are designed for study by working professionals were established in 2005, and given the advantage of campus location, the programs have been able to attract a large number of middle-level staff and managers who work at the Science Park nearby. The first doctoral degree class was established in 2007, which provides advancement opportunities for students who have interest and wish to devote in education and research.
The economy has been reshaped by the wayinformation technology has grown and developed over time. Successfulbusinesses strongly believe that the information technology represents the trend of customers and market that leads to value creation and innovation, and that acquiring multi-industry-background skilled workforcewhopossesses digital economy knowledge and information service creation ability is key to operating businesses in the information technology industry in the future. Meanwhile, under the devotedlypromotion of macro policy for liberalization and internationalization by the government, one of the most noticeable effects seen is the rapiddevelopment paceof the finance industry that continues to grow and innovate in Taiwan in recent years.As we are stepping into the era of internet, the new information technology and mathematical models have been intensively applied on financial management becomingasthe international trend. Accordingly,the College of Management of NCTU has established an Information Management and Financial degree (Information Finance degree, hereafter) in 2004 with the purposes of equipping financial professionals with information technology skills and information management personnel with basic finance knowledge. The establishment of the Information Finance degree is principally designed in a way that is shared by the Information Management Department and Finance Department andis offered under thebachelor’s degree.By integrating thelecturer expertise and research contributions from both departments, a series of curriculum can then be provided under the degree.     
For achievement of maximum education and research benefits and by considering the significant implicationthat has on future direction in the area of research,NCTU and the governing authority took a structural reform in 2011 tointegratethe Information Finance degree, Information Management Department and Finance Department. The three after formal integration in 2013 have been renamed as “Information Management and Finance degree” (Information Finance degree in abbreviation, hereafter), which further emphasize the independence characteristics of the two fields as well as the uniqueness of this degree that combines different fields. After integration, the Information Finance degreeis offered under the bachelor’s degree, and the Graduate School is divided into two master’s degree classes and two doctoral degree classes – Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree in Information Management and Finance, respectively. The bachelor’s degree is also divided into two groups – Information Management group and Finance group, where the former is offered toType Two students and the latter to the Type One students.